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Unique prints

To offer unique prints in our collections, we seek inspiration through our many travels. This is how we imagine a PALEM print, how we look for the design that will sublimate a material, a shape, and will make you want to wear our creations...

Bali Secret Garden

Bali Secret Garden is based on a pattern collected in an old print book. Its style immediately evoked Bali. Its curves resembled rice paddies, and its touches of flowers in Indonesian batik patterns.

Windy Leaves

Windy Leaves is a caress on the skin, a light movement lifted by the breeze of a summer evening...

Lili Bloom

Inspired by vintage wallpapers, Lili Bloom is an explosion of flowers in a shades of pink and green that reflects femininity and softness. The power of flower.

Indian Arabesque

Travel is always a starting point in print work at PALEM. India is one of those fascinating destinations. Its architecture, its know-how, its strong identity can only inspire you if you are sensitive to patterns, colors, craftsmanship.

Fly Away in Borneo

Embrace nature and explore Borneo's extraordinary flora. This Southeast Asian island shared between Indonesia, Malaysia and the Sultanate of Brunei, is rich in its flora and fauna

Spices Flower

Spices Flower beautifully dresses our sarong revisited in our capsule: Summer Call

Palm Garden

Palm Garden is a stroll through the busy streets of Bali. The soft warmth of a late afternoon tints the leaves with a soft contrasting light.

Sunset Jalan

Sunset Jalan is an harmony of colours that reflect the shades of a blazing sunset: a gradation of pinks that bring femininity to the pattern, placed on a dark blue to enhance the contrasts.