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Under the sun exactly

 November. A warm wind continues to blow under the equator, summer is there, always present. PALEM follows its aspiration to offer a summer wardrobe all year round to follow you on your travels or in your tropical daily life.

A trend going against the tide for some, in season for others, PALEM unveils its new collection which will fit everyone’s desire and needs   Mixing inspirations, those that invite you to wander chic and timeless, those that will give style to the PALEM woman.
Always with that casual and feminine touch, its unique materials that take the road to more responsible fashion this season.
The "travel essentials" are making their entrance: those must-have products that you take in your suitcase without thinking, because they are necessary, practical and above all because they are beautiful !

Sometimes intense, sensual and sometimes soft, floral, prints will intensify the silhouettes.  

Wherever you are, PALEM will be an ode to femininity and escape.