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The Origins

Palem is a love story. Better, a story of passions. The kind that lasts, that becomes more beautiful, that blossoms with time and experience.
At the origin of the brand, there is a complicit and complementary duo. They both evolve in the fashion world and share the same curiosity, the same sensitivity for responsible and sustainable creations, the same appetite for beauty, noble materials and know-how.

They also cultivate this taste on a daily basis. Having lived in Asia for fifteen years, they explore the world around them with enthusiasm and deference.

Escape is a state of mind, they know that, and every day a journey.

A beauty that you notice only if you pay attention

Palem was born from their desire to extend their emotions as travellers, to diffuse them in everyday life, to offer them to those who wish to escape....

It is an eternal summer that they want to invent, a summer that invites itself into everyday life, by reconciling their two passions: fashion and travel, intimately linked in their identity.

The name was a natural choice because of its sound and meaning: PALEM is the Indonesian word for "palm tree", a beautiful symbol for their sunny brand. Under its protective shade, they weave the spirit of travel into their clothes, timeless, beautiful and light pieces. 

Designed with respect for the world that inspires it, each Palem collection follows the rhythm of a day's escape. From lazing on the sunny sand to the softness of a summer night, Palem defines the essentials for chic wandering. Allure, in all circumstances.

Life is a journey, and Palem accompanies it with a summer that never ends. An endless summer...