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The Origins

PALEM is a love story. Better still, a story of passions. Those that last, that are embellished, that flourish over time and experience. At the origin of the brand, there is a complementary duo. Both work in the fashion industry, and share the same curiosity, the same sensitivity for responsible and sustainable creations, the same appetite for beauty, noble fabrics and know-how.

They also cultivate this passion on a daily basis. Living in Asia for more than fifteen years now, they explore the world around them with enthusiasm and deference

Escape is a state of mind, they know it well, and every day is a new journey.

A beauty that we notice
only if we pay attention

PALEM was born out of their desire to prolong their emotions as travellers, to instil the spirit of travel in their daily routine and to share it with those who would like to escape...

They want to invent an eternal summer by reconciling their two passions : fashion and travel, closely linked in their identity.

PALEM was born, with a soft and strong name, tribute to the “palm tree” in Indonesian. In its protective shade, they design beautiful, light, timeless pieces, fit for a dreamy tropical getaway or the real-life in our urban jungles. A unique look with soft and warm colours, original prints, cut in natural fabrics.

Designed with respect for this wonderful and inspiring world, each collection PALEM follows the rhythm of a perfect day off. From a sunny laze on the sand to a delicious summer night, PALEM defines the essentials for a chic wandering.

Life is a journey, and PALEM brightens it up with an endless summer...