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Unique prints

To offer unique prints in our collections, we seek inspiration through our many travels. This is how we imagine a PALEM print, how we look for the design that will sublimate a material, a shape, and will make you want to wear our creations...

DRESS ANALU  - 145,00€

Sunset Jalan


Stroll in the tropical nature at dusk, admire the colours, the gradations and the movement of the plants. Then imagine them on fabric, linen, silk... And finally find the inspiration for the drawing in old botanical books where the illustrations are real works of art. Work on a harmony of colours that reflect the shades of a blazing sunset: a gradation of pinks that bring femininity to the pattern, placed on a dark blue to enhance the contrasts.

SHIRT AOLANI  - 115,00€

DRESS HALIA  - 185,00€

Palm Garden


Palm Garden is a stroll through the busy streets of Bali. The soft warmth of a late afternoon tints the leaves with a soft contrasting light.

DRESS EDENA  - 165,00€


SKIRT HAIMI  - 95,00€