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Our commitment

Palem attaches great importance to use exclusively natural materials or materials derived from plant fibers and therefore reducing the environmental impact

Palem was born from the desire of being in tune with the times, to listen to the world around it and especially to preserve it. We are aware of the urgency to change and that in this industry every gesture counts; whether having greener manufacturing processes or social actions for the men and women who make our collections. Our approach is in line with the times and must evolve every day towards better solutions.

Our vision of fashion is oriented towards "slow fashion"; this is why Palem attaches great importance to use only natural materials or some made from vegetable fibers, thus facilitating their future transformation and reducing their environmental impact. We create timeless pieces to be kept for a lifetime rather than a season while being concerned about using the resources that surround us.

Creating responsible and desirable collections,
it is our ambition.

The process of selecting our materials and their natural compositions, is an integral part of the brand. In order to enhance the value of each product, the collections are produced in limited quantities. Palem adopts a "0 rest" policy, which means that surplus fabrics and scraps are systematically recycled in order to maximize our approach as much as possible.

Palem also places particular emphasis on the perfect fit of the garment and obviously the know-how of our Chinese workshops. This is where all our creations are designed, developed and perfected.

China, from preconceived ideas

Often wrongly judged by misconceptions, China has an exceptional know-how, which is too often undervalued. Originally an ancestral textile tradition country, China is today in the midst of an industrial, environmental and social transformation.

China's skills do not stop at silk, which is why we have decided to manufacture our collections in Chinese workshops in Shanghai with a blind trust.

Palem agrees to work exclusively with suppliers who share common values and offer a guarantee of responsibility.

And in concrete terms?

Palem has its own CSR manager whose mission is to support our suppliers on a daily basis about all sustainable issues. They are at the heart of the selection process of our manufacturers.

Working conditions

The working conditions of Chinese workers have changed considerably over the past 10 years. The scarcity of labor now forces manufacturers to ensure good working conditions and fair remuneration for their workers. We audited and supported our factories: this includes wages, working conditions and environment, but also compulsory insurance.

Acting on daily basis

Offering you exceptional pieces at the fairest possible price is our watchword. We are not irreproachable and we keep trying, every day, to raise our requirements of ethics and quality :

  1. Offer a nice shopping bag made of reusable fabric instead of giving plastic bags
  2. Send your orders online in nice boxes made of recyclable paper
  3. Tend to adopt organic cotton at the heart of our collections
  4. Favor natural materials