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Our Expertise

An international brand with French design, Palem reinvents and offers a summery and elegant women's wardrobe for women who want to find off-season pieces throughout the year. During the elaboration of each collection, Palem attaches particular importance to the quality of fabrics and finishes. 

The original prints

A true form of expression, prints awaken color and evoke foreign territories. Each Palem print relates the story of a story...

Palem's Fabrics

Each Palem print relates the story
of a story...

Each country is full of fabrics. A multicolored pattern is made up of as many prints as there are colors. Once the pattern is chosen, it is necessary to spend time to give it life again, to be well in the middle of the colors, to make them evolve.

According to your aspirations and desires, we choose shades inspired by nature thanks to a palette of natural pigments: yellow desert, green eucalyptus, terracotta, ochre, blue indigo but also softer and more tonic shades that bring character to the color range.

For Palem, all detail counts: a personalized button with the brand name for shorts and trousers, specific marking for each line, refined and delicate product packaging, refined embroidery on one shoulder of a shirt ...

Palem is a brand that attaches great importance to offering a unique experience through clothing of course, but also by immersing each traveler in its soul, in its elegant and refined universe, but always with a casual touch.

An international team

To guarantee you a unique experience, our team is made up of experts and creatives from all over the world.

A digital and communication team in Paris, a creative agency in Bali, a production team in Shanghai and a design team in Singapore. We are fundamentally inspired by each other's know-how and share common values about escape !

Travel as a DNA

There are so many complementary professions, backgrounds, skills and visions that make up the richness of our team every day. As important as know-how, interpersonal skills are an integral part of our values. Respect, curiosity, listening and solidarity are values that shape our daily work to better meet today's requirements.

Palem's Origins