Travel from Home

Travel Diaries | 04/17/2020

Travel from Home

The podcasts selection to invite you to escape… from home.

Today more than ever, we need to escape, to be transported, to feel inspired! We have selected for you 4 podcasts that invite you to escape... from home.
Turn off your computer screens, stop looking at your phone. Listen... you already are on the other side of the world!
Bon voyage !


Sur les routes de l’Asie, For Asia fans

For all Asia Lovers, this is THE podcast to listen to! Sur les Routes de l’Asie explores the countless known and less known destinations of the Asian continent. In each episode, Romain Lazzarotto transports us with one of his guests to a new place! In particular, you will find episodes on key inspiration destinations for PALEM such as India and Indonesia. Two episodes are also devoted to the third stopover where PALEM settled down after Paris and Bali: the surprising city of Singapore.

extraordinary adventures surrounded by nature
"Have you ever shivered in the middle of the icebergs, slept along a climbing wall several hundred meters high or crossed a country with the jerky rhythm of a steam train ?/span>
If you are keen by the thrill of elsewhere, this podcast is for you.»
Every two weeks follow the footsteps of the Baladeurs and escape for around thirty minutes !


The Armchair Explorer, listening to adventurers.
The Armchair Explorer is mayble what is most commonly expected from a travel podcast.
In each episode, award-winning writer Aaron Millar meets the greatest adventurers who tell us about their best expeditions with passion.
Relive the ascent of Everest with Tima Deryan, the first Lebanese woman to climb the roof of the world or step on Antarctica with Jonathan Thomson.
So many adventures we would probably not be ready to live ourselves but that leave us dreaming !

The Travel Diaries,inspired by celebrities.
The Travel Diaries is Britain's number 1 travel podcast.
Every week, presenter Holly Rubenstein hosts celebrities to talk about the travel
From Tony Wheeler, the founder of the famous guide Lonely Planet to the famous actress and model Poppy Delevingne ... the stories are varied, rhythmic and inspiring !

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