The travel's mind of...

Precious encounters | 06/17/2020

The travel's mind of...

JULIEN ROYER, 3-star Michelin Chef

Odette Restaurant, Singapore

Escape is at the very origins of the PALEM brand, travel as a source of inspiration and the yearning of elsewhere as a motivation… The desire to share this passion led us to this project of interviews with passionate people that journeys have shaped.

"The Travel’s Mind" is a series of inspiring stories which resonates perfectly with the philosophy of our brand, with our own story.

These little facts of life shared by the interviewees will definitely inspire and transport you. Now, more than ever, we need to escape!

Today, we meet the three-star Chef Julien ROYER. His Odette restaurant located in the heart of Singapore's iconic National Gallery with his audacious French cuisine have enabled him for the second year in a row to be named Asia’s Best Restaurant. Curious, eager for discovery and sharing, he also opened his first restaurant in Hong Kong last year: Louise. Travel and cooking undeniably punctuate the life of this daring and generous young Chef whom we met for you with great pleasure.

Why do you travel? How does it impact you? Professionally, personally... Do not hesitate to give concrete examples, especially professionally.

Travel is first of all for me, an undeniable source of inspiration for my job. I had the chance during my 12 years in Asia to travel a lot and therefore to learn a lot. Each time: new meetings, new cuisines, new tastes ... These journeys have built me and shaped the Chef I am today and the cuisine we serve at Odette.

Travelling today is different from how it was. Environmental issues are at the heart of today's concerns, have your trips led you to change your habits?

Honestly, not really. Or not enough anyway. Will this big change ever happen? I hope so but I doubt it ...

A memorable journey? Which trip affected you the most? Why ?

Lebanon, Beirut. This insolent energy. This unique, unstable, electric and captivating atmosphere.

Your craziest culinary experience? Good or bad !

My last two favorites are undeniably Ultraviolet from my friend Paul Pairet in Shanghai and Elkano in Getaria in the Spanish Basque country. Two big culinary slaps.

A precious souvenir brought back from a trip? An unforgettable memory? A memorable meeting?

I am not someone very materialistic, so I bring back very few and too rarely memories. I really loved the welcome and the kindness of people during a recent culinary stay in Shimonoseki in Japan with my wife and a group of friends. Often, it’s the encounters that make the trips memorable.

You live in Singapore: what are your 3 favorite addresses? (Restaurants, shops, museums, secret spots ...)

There are so many places I love in Singapore. Complicated to choose only 3! If you haven't already done so, I invite you to (re) discover:

La Brasserie Gavroche, authentic French cuisine in the heart of a magnificent shophouse.

Gaston Wine Bar, a French restaurant with delicious specialties from Burgundy. Dempsey and the Botanic Garden in general, a lush garden in the heart of the city for inspiration and revitalization!

You never leave without... What do you absolutely have to pack in your suitcase? What are the 3 essentials without which you never leave?

My suitcase! :)

I'm not too superstitious but I love it when my wife hides one of her tops with her scent in my suitcase.

What is your recipe for a great journey ? What are your tips for a successful trip: prepare a very specific itinerary, let yourself be carried away, immerse yourself in local music or literature, explore the museums, establish certain rituals...?

Escape with the right persons.  

julien royer


Award-winning chef Julien Royer is co-owner of Odette, a three-Michelin starred Modern French restaurant located at the iconic National Gallery Singapore. Established in collaboration with The Lo & Behold Group, Odette offers a constantly evolving menu that showcases globally sourced produce underpinned by classic French culinary techniques.

Odette Restaurant

1 St Andrew’s Road #01-04
Singapore 178957
Phone : +65 6385 0498

For reservations, private events and other restaurant enquiries:

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