The journey as a starting point

The brand | 10/24/2019

The journey as a starting point

The journey as a starting point

The PALEM concept was born in Bali, Indonesia. An island that we love more than anything else for its character, its beauty, the smile of the Balinese people and the incredible creative energy that makes it a unique place.

The PALEM woman has been imagined as a free, fulfilled woman who loves to travel, taste new flavours, meet people and share new experiences. She likes to feel good in her clothes, be comfortable in her movements and always be feminine and seductive.

PALEM was born out of this desire to explore our memories and future destinations through fashion. More than a theme, escape is at the very heart of the brand.

  • Inventing a 3-step wardrobe that illustrates the three highlights of travel: SeasideEscape and Nightfall.
  • Offering the right outfit for every occasion : How to be both comfortable in your movements and always look good ? And how to look good thanks to well-chosen pieces?
  • Choosing beautiful materials and working on shapes, details, colours and prints.  

The foundations are laid, the adventure can begin.  

Who is behind the brand ? The portrait of Juliette, the co-founder and artistic director of Palem.

Can you introduce yourself ? What's your background ?

My name is Juliette, I'm 40 years old, I have two children, Alice and Oscar, and recently moved to Singapore with my family. 

The adventure began after a one-year internship in the product department of a ready-to-wear brand. The opportunity to discover the world of fashion, the collections, the manufacturing and I loved it! After a Management course at the French Institute of Fashion in Paris, I went to Shanghai, China, to do my final year internship in order to be closer to the production areas in a development and production office. So I went on a bit of an adventure in 2004, telling myself that I would come back a few years later ... finally I left Shanghai 15 years later !

It was a great experience to be able to work on trends, product development and also on manufacturing thanks to the manufacturers of materials, to discover the know-how of Chinese factories, their flexibility and their added value. It was a real playground to learn about all the products, from warp and weft to knitwear and fashion accessories. I travelled a lot, in Korea, Japan and Europe to find new ideas, but also in China to source new manufacturers. I completed my training with a drawing course at the Marangoni Institute in order to be more comfortable with the product design part.  

Since the beginning, I have been working with my husband. We are a real pair. Entrepreneur at heart, always driven towards the future and new projects, it was naturally with him that the PALEM project was born in 2019.  

To get to know you better, here are some more personal questions :

What is the main trait of your character?

Sensitivity and perseverance

What's your favorite quality in a woman ?

Spontaneity, naturalness and humour.

Your dream of happiness ?

To be first and foremost with my children, my husband, anywhere, no matter. To continue our journey and build a new part of history with PALEM.

The excitement of being in front of a flight scoreboard and boarding the plane...  

The country you wish you could live in ?

Travelling and living in a country is very different. We often idealize a destination because we see it through the eyes of explorers, travelers or vacationers. The ideal destination often corresponds to a moment in life.

We've been living in Singapore for a few months now and I'm under the spell: combining the quality of life and the economic energy of a city is not so easy. Singapore is exoticism, the jungle in the middle of the buildings but not only that. We discover the exceptional melting pot of this city-state which makes you travel in different districts. You will also discover new concepts inspired by the different multicultural influences that Singapore has to offer.  

The city you love above all else?

Paris always stay in my mind : there are no two cities like Paris. The architecture, the atmosphere, the history, the creative drive. It's an open-air laboratory that's always buzzing.

Shanghai because it's my city of heart, 15 years there where I was able to witness the so rapid changes in the city which, despite its modernism, retains a strong character. It's a vibrant city that deserves itself!

Destinations to come ?

Back to India. I've been dreaming about it for a long time. It is a country that fascinates me, beyond its artistic richness, its know-how, it is a complex country with multiple facets. The opportunity for me to combine work with pleasure and make an escapade in Rajasthan.  

Discover the islands of Indonesia further east, wilder islands such as Sulawesi or the Moluccas.  

Which color do you prefer?

Even if I can be attracted by rather bright colors in touches for decoration for example, in ready-to-wear I turn tirelessly to warm colors such as ocher, terracotta, khaki and also indigo. Especially washed shades.

How would you describe your style ? What's your favourite piece of clothing?

I like casual but feminine looks. Loose but belted volumes to structure the silhouette. The mix and match, I'm not a total look at all. What I like above all is to find the original piece, which gives me an adrenaline rush when I find it! There are too many duplicates today and few products that dare to make a difference without necessarily going for a designer offer.

My flexible military jacket accompanies me on all my travels and journeys. It is stylish and timeless. It's the recipe for pieces that last.

Your book on the bedside table ?

Nadia Hashimi's "The Pearl and the Shell" which tells the story of a family of Afghan girls. It's heartbreaking.

The journey as a starting point
What's the perfect suitcase?

That's a tough question ! That was kind of the starting point of the Palem story ! I mainly choose my "best", the products in my wardrobe that I love, in which I feel good and beautiful. Natural materials to breathe, beautiful prints, my embroidered Palem shorts, a loose shirt, my beautiful dresses, without duplicating the same products 2 or 3 times. But of course it all depends on the destination.

And of course the bag...well the bags! The mini, the maxi, the chic, the baroude, the leather, the short always very difficult to choose the ideal bag !

What do you bring back from your travels?

A lot of pictures already, I traded my Canon for my iPhone, I love capturing details, colors, my children, markets... I am a collector of souvenirs ! We love to find objects in flea markets, in antique shops, to find pieces of crafts that will enrich the home. It's a great source of inspiration.

The artist you admire the most?

In painting, I am particularly fond of Nicolas de Staël, especially his colours, I discovered him during his exhibition at the Hotel de Caumont in Aix en Provence.

Pablo Picasso for his work on ceramics, pottery and his illustrations.

Liu Bolin for the singularity, aestheticism and political commitment of his work.

The object that never leaves you?

My notebook, my notebooks ! I note everything, from my shopping list to good restaurant addresses, an instagram account to follow and of course ideas for the next PALEM collection !

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