New Resort Collection

The brand | 12/02/2019

New Resort Collection

December 2019 - We are in Bali.

Somewhere in front of the Indian Ocean, in a soft and festive atmosphere. Far from the summer hustle and bustle, Bali embodies more than ever the Endless Summer.

Feminine, delicate and elegant: these three words describe the soul of our new Resort 2019 collection.

PALM GARDEN, SUNSET JALAN, PAMPA...plants, the warmth of Balinese days and wild escape punctuate a collection that is resolutely sensual and refined. The PALEM spirit is evident in each silhouette, where soft and warm colours blend together.

At Palem, every detail counts. This new collection is punctuated by topstitching that sublimates a shoulder, pleats marking a neckline, and fine and delicate embroidery detailing a belt.

Want to feel elegant and different. Want to engrave this day in our most beautiful memories. Escape with our most beautiful pieces, and discover the natural materials that make up our new line of timeless clothing.

Our resolution for this new year will be to live these moments to the fullest !

A true form of expression, prints awaken colour and evoke distant territories.

Each Palem print tells a story. We would like to tell you the stories of the new collection :

palm garden

Palm Garden

The desire for a lush garden, the lightness and finesse of tropical foliage enhanced by a terracotta note. PALM GARDEN plunges us into the heart of a tropical setting.

Sunset Jalan

The heat of a late afternoon facing the Indian Ocean. The leaves take on the faded colour of a Balinese sunset. Sensual and exotic, SUNSET JALAN sublimates the shapes and illuminates the silhouette.

sunset jalan


Mildly degraded by the nuances of the Indian summer, PAMPA takes us to the faraway sun-dried lands. In the rice fields of Bali or the lands of Morocco, the PAMPA print reveals adventure destinations.

Plunge into this new collection and treat yourself to unique and elegant pieces for a timeless, chic and refined look.

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