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PALEM shorts and skirts breathe an adventurous and free spirit into solar escapes… without compromising on style.

Adventurous spirit or desire for femininity, the silhouette is sublimated, and the waist underlined.

Warm tones with sophisticated prints and light materials give a refined and elegant look. In cotton or linen, printed or plain, shorts are undeniably synonymous with escape.

Belted at the waist, adventurer look, the shorts are revisited in each of our collections.

Timeless, this is a piece you never get tired of. A piece that will accompany you anywhere, at all times. Paired with a shirt, t-shirt or top, shorts are the perfect companion for creating unforgettable memories.

The skirt is surprising, allowing you to play with the looks. Long, midi, wrap, straight, with or without a slit… the possibilities are endless. A unique product to combine differently depending on the occasion for always, a structured and feminine silhouette.

Enjoy the lightness of a viscose and rayon skirt, the drape and authenticity of a linen skirt.

Each material carefully selected enhances the cut of the product. All our products and prints are inspired by travels, encounters, desires to escape. The PALEM skirt inspired by the Indonesian sarong is truly one of the brand's signature pieces.