Bottoms & Jumpsuits

Bottoms & Jumpsuits - Vêtements Bio - Palem Brand

Classy and casual at the same time, PALEM pants and jumpsuits sculpt a silhouette full of confidence and charm.

Organic cotton pants or a viscose, rayon and linen jumpsuit?

The choice of materials for our pants and jumpsuits is carefully studied to ensure comfort, lightness and femininity.

Our pants combined with a fluid blouse, or a more fitted top will elegantly enhance your silhouette.

Our plain or printed jumpsuits will follow the rhythm of your solar escapes.

For an elegant evening by the sea, opt for the chic look of our sustainable viscose jumpsuits.

To help you explore the magnificent landscapes around you, choose one of our cotton, rayon or linen jumpsuits instead. With their adventurous looks, they will gently add character to your silhouette.