PALEM, a premium brand that reinvents the traveller's wardrobe in her daily life, prolongs the escape, and inscribes its history on the roads of a summer

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PALEM is a fashion brand inspired by travel. We define the essentials for a chic wandering to escape all year long in an Endless Summer. We imagine timeless, elegant and light pieces, to accompany a summer that would never end. Unique and feminine looks with soft and warm colors, original prints, cut in natural fabrics.

With PALEM, simply be elegant in all circumstances, with warm tons, original prints that enhance the cuts full of character.

For each collection, PALEM follows the rhythm of a perfect day off.

From a sunny laze on the sand to a delicious summer night, PALEM defines the essentials for a chic wandering.

Life is a journey, and PALEM brightens it up with an endless summer.

PALEM is also a committed brand. Each collection is crafted in limited quantities with respect for the world that inspires us, both in the choice of fabrics and of our partners.

PALEM takes the greatest care in selecting the finest fabrics for its exclusive fashion lines. They’re picked for their aspect, richness, singularity, and composition as well. Their superior quality brings elegance and refinement to each piece of the collection. 

PALEM exclusively uses natural fabrics or materials made from natural fibers. This facilitates their future transformation while reducing the environmental impact. 

Our vision of fashion is oriented towards “slow fashion”: we create timeless pieces, to keep for a lifetime rather than a season, while caring to use the resources around us.